Frequently Asked Questions

High view of clothes and books at  st ouens fundraising store

How do we price items?

It’s our responsibility to achieve the best value for donated items. Sometimes we use second-hand selling sites to gauge the value of an item but quality and condition also play a part.

What do we do with high end donations?

We have a fantastic relationship with a channel island auctioneer who will value and sell high end goods on our behalf.

Why can't we always take everything?

Thanks to your generous donations sometimes our limited storage space fills up. Therefore, occasionally we might stop accepting specific items for a short time. There are also some items we can’t sell because of health and safety standards.

Why we have a one way system in and out?

During COVID-19 we realised this system eased bottle necks in certain areas so we decided to keep the exit by the back door at the tills.

Why do we sometimes dispose of items?

We will not dispose of items donated to us that meet health and safety standards or that we can sell. Sometimes items given to us are not in a condition suitable for resale, or recycling. In such circumstances we will dispose of the items in the most appropriate way.

Why do we need staff?

Running a large operation that is vital to support the ongoing provision of care at Hospice requires a number of staff to ensure that it is successful. Another reason is that we have to comply with all Jersey Health and Safety regulations at all times, employing permanent and qualified staff enables to meet these standards.

Why do we only take card payments?

The taking of cash increases the risk of theft in the building and also incurs cost as it has to be taken by a security firm to the bank regularly through the week.

What can’t we sell?

We regret we are unable to accept the following items for sale at our stores:

  • Baby car seats
  • Crash helmets and riding hats
  • Food or drink
  • Gas and Oil appliances
  • Household / Garden Waste
  • Knives, firearms (including replicas), explosives – including fireworks
  • Medical equipment and medicines
  • Microwaves
  • Nursery furniture, including prams, pushchairs, high chairs, cots, moses baskets and baby mattresses
  • Opened Cosmetics
  • Pornography
  • Sharps: darts, needles, scissors, swords and spears
  • Video cassette tapes

Why you have to wait for a collection?

We are delighted to be able to offer a free collection service, however, we currently only employ two drivers to manage a busy schedule of collections and deliveries so the diary gets booked up very quickly.

How do we rotate stock to make sure items sell?

We have a colour coded pricing structure that means we know exactly how long an item has been on the shop floor. After four weeks if an item has not sold it is reduced in price. This system also helps us to price items and achieve the best value for donations.

Where your donation goes

Our mission is to honour the fundraising potential of each donation so that we can consistently offer good value items to our customers and, ultimately, raise as much money as possible to help enable outstanding personalised care for our patients.

Even if an item does not sell in our shops, we can still make money from it by selling it online or sending it to be recycled (clothing only).

Dropping off donations?

St Helier Store has limited space for donations, If you are able to, we would prefer you to drop donations to our centralised sorting at our St Ouen store. Donations are accepted between 08:30 and 15:30, Monday - Saturday.