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We rely on the support of the community to enable us to continue caring for patients and to support their families and loved ones. It costs £16,500 a day to run our services. Your support makes a huge difference.

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Our wellbeing services

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Our wellbeing services provide holistic, multi-disciplinary palliative care and support that is tailored to the needs of each patient. These services are a vital part of helping our patients to live their lives to the fullest and enable people to feel empowered as they live alongside their illness.

Complementary Therapy treatments

Complementary Therapies can help to bring dignity, confidence, and emotional wellbeing to patients and is offered alongside conventional medical, nursing, and allied health professional treatments. It includes self-care approaches such as meditation, and physical treatments such as massage, and is tailored to the unique needs of each individual. Complementary Therapy treatments and therapies are available on the In Patient Unit or in the community, including those who come to stay at Hospice for a short period (perhaps for symptom management and pain control) before returning home.

Evidence suggests complementary therapies may be useful in the following ways:

  • to promote relaxation
  • to alleviate anxiety
  • to reduce depression
  • to reduce pain
  • to reduce nausea
  • to alleviate symptoms of breathlessness
  • to improve sleep patterns
  • to reduce stress and tension
  • to reduce psychological distress
  • to increase well being

How do I access the complementary therapy services at Jersey Hospice Care?

If you are already a patient receiving support from staff at Jersey Hospice Care, you can talk with them about being referred for complementary therapy. Treatments are offered to suit individual needs and following an initial consultation, six sessions are offered.

Immediate family members and carers of Jersey Hospice Care patients may also be referred to the Complementary Therapy department for up to three sessions.

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Emotional Support Service

Our emotional support service is here for all adult patients under the care of Hospice who are affected by a life limiting or end of life diagnosis.

It is also here for their family, carers and friends

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Spiritual Care

Spiritual care helps us to draw upon things we find comfort and strength in. We are all shaped by our unique journey through life; the people, relationships, places, stories, and experiences that matter to us - these bring meaning to our lives and shape our personal sense of self - our spirituality.

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