The general idea of hospice care was first raised in the island in the 1970s by Naomi Lutyens, who petitioned States members and various organisations in the hope that they would support the idea.

In 1981, a group of islanders, including Jurat Jean King, decided to do something about it. The movement began with the care that remains the central pillar of the service today – home care. Right from the beginning, the main focus was to give patients a choice on the last stage of their journey through life.

Here is a summary of the key events that took place following that important first meeting.

  • February 1981 – the inaugural Jersey Hospice Care Council was established, with Gwyneth Huelin OBE appointed as the first Chair
  • February 1982 – Home Care Sister, Sue McAllister was appointed
  • May 1982 – the first Hospice patient was seen and a public meeting was held for volunteers
  • January 1985 – Clarkson House opened with Day Hospice facilities
  • February 1985 – the first day patients came to Clarkson House
  • October 1985 – the first in patients were cared for in the two bedded house
  • January 1986 – bereavement support began to be offered, in addition to palliative care services
  • December 1987 – Jersey Hospice Care cared for more than 54% of islanders who died of cancer in the island
  • December 1992 – there were 34 members of staff and about 70 volunteers caring for more than 150 patients and families each year
  • December 1995 – the second Clarkson House opened on Mont Cochon with a six bed In Patient Unit, a Day Hospice and additional rooms used for the Hospice Community team, therapies and bereavement counselling
  • April 1996 – the Community Bereavement Service was officially set up
  • April 2009 – Community Bereavement Service manager Sheila Warren (previously a Home Care sister) retired after 27 years
  • September 2010 – Redevelopment of Clarkson House begins
  • July 2011 – Deputy Senior Nurse Jennifer McDonald retired after 26 years
  • May 2012 – founder member of Jersey Hospice Care, Jurat Mrs Jean King MBE died
  • December 2012 – Senior Nurse Margaret McGovern retired after 27 years
  • June 2012 – Redevelopment : new In-Patient Unit opened at Clarkson House
  • November 2013 – Redevelopment completed with the opening of the King Centre (named after Jurat Mrs Jean King MBE) and new day hospice facilities
  • October 2014 – opened up our remit to care for adults with any life limiting illness
  • September 2015 – Emelita Robbins appointed new Chair for Jersey Hospice Care, following the retirement of Gari Purcell-Jones MBE
  • April 2016 – Stewart Rowney is appointed new Chair for Jersey Hospice Care, following Emelita Robbins’s appointment as Chief Executive at Jersey Hospice Care
  • September 2017 – Our Emotional Support service began to support children and young people with a life limiting condition and their families
  • October 2017 – Jersey Hospice Care’s education programme has successfully contributed to a reduction in the number of people dying in Jersey General Hospital from 50% in 2009 to 34% in 2016
  • November 2017 – presentations were delivered to announce our plans for Children’s Palliative Care services in Jersey
  • January 2018 – Julie Coward becomes our new Chair, as Stewart Rowney steps down
  • June 2018 – Vice Patron and former Honorary Treasurer Ian Richardson is awarded an MBE in the Queen’s Birthday Honours
  • January 2019 – we started our outreach service for babies, children and young people with a life limiting condition, including our weekly Tots & Toys playgroup for babies and young children up to five years old, with a life limiting condition