New ways of working: Counselling during COVID-19

When lockdown fully took effect on 30 March, the Bereavement and Emotional Support Service was working with more than 100...
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A figment of the (optimistic) imagination? The potential use of Virtual Reality within Jersey Hospice Care

Even for those of us who are not self-confessed ‘Techy’s’, it is pretty clear that the modern world has some...
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Meet Juliet Le Breuilly, Lead Nurse for Children and Young People’s Services

I moved to Jersey just over a year ago to join the team at Hospice that was being created to...
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It’s okay not to be okay: reflections during Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week has been an opportune time to reflect on the upheaval in our personal and professional lives...
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Tea, Talk and Tears – Talking about Dying…and Living!

Julie Luscombe, Head of Education at Jersey Hospice Care, talks more about death, dying and the very important matter of...
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A message from our In Patient Unit: Kim Hancock – Senior Nurse

From the In Patient Unit Kim Hancock, Senior Nurse Kim normally heads up the team in the King Centre providing...
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