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Emma Martins

Honorary Secretary and Council Governance
Image of Emma Martins, Hospice trustee

Emma has worked in data protection for more than 25 years. Starting her career as a data protection officer in the public sector, she moved to work in the regulatory office for Jersey, Channel Islands, in 2002.
Since then, she has been Commissioner for Jersey and, from 2018, for the Bailiwick of Guernsey where she worked with a team responsible for implementation, oversight, and adequacy assessment for the new GDPR standard legal framework for the Islands. Her fixed term in that role finished in December 2023. In January 2024, Emma was appointed as Chief Commissioner for the Data and Marketing Commission. She also has a small portfolio of work acting in an advisory role and is a charity trustee.

Throughout her career, Emma has been committed to driving high standards of ethical and legal data handling and encouraging more
inclusive and accessible conversations around the role of data in our lives. She is a strong advocate of cultural engagement and has
spearheaded a number of community-wide initiatives to support social and economic benefits that come with effective data protection.

In March 2024, Emma was chosen to lead the Independent Review into the use of mobile messaging apps in Scottish Government.

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