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We rely on the support of the community to enable us to continue caring for patients and to support their families and loved ones. It costs £16,500 a day to run our services. Your support makes a huge difference.

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Peter Pichler

Trustee and member of the Comptroller and Auditor General Governance Board.
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Having been so impressed with the capabilities of Hospice during his wife’s treatment, Peter is delighted to be a member of the Council of Trustees.

He is a chartered accountant with broad experience in the finance industry, both onshore and offshore, over the last 50 years. He came to Jersey in 1988 from Toronto where he lived for nearly 13 years. After his retirement from full time employment in 2014, he took courses in Company Direction with the Institute of Directors and for nine years (to January 2024) was a Commissioner at the Jersey Financial Services Commission. He currently is a member of the Comptroller and Auditor General Governance Board.

He believes that a good board member listens a lot and speaks up when they have something relevant to contribute. He has managed a wide variety of projects during his career, the success of which he attributes to vision, planning, communication, and people. He is committed to using his finance and operational background to support the team at Hospice in as meaningful a way as possible.

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