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A new home for charity supporting Jersey families with sick children

Thursday 13 Jun 2024

Jersey Hospice Care is excited to announce its collaboration with Family First – a charity that helps local families who have to leave the island to get medical treatment for their sick children. Family First is using one of the rooms in our King Centre as their office – providing a new home for the charity to support islanders in need.

Cheryl Dolbel from Family First said: “We’re very grateful to the Jersey Hospice Care team, in particular Mike Palfreman, who was able to provide Family First with a new office space to support families in. This new location makes our service more accessible, and the Hospice building is a wonderful environment to meet with families and other professionals that we work with. We’re also able to signpost families to support available at Hospice when relevant, including the emotional support service. With recent publicity on how some charities have been struggling in Jersey, it’s more important than ever that we continue to support each other, and this is a great example of how we can do this.”

Robert Morasanu, who’s been supported by Family First, said: “As a family accessing support from Family First, being able to visit the office and park right outside has made meetings more accessible. The office is private but welcoming and provides somewhere to chat with the Family First team without it feeling too formal. As a family with a child needing off island treatment and many hospital appointments, it’s important to have support that’s easy to access – like Family First.”

Hospice is proud to be able to work with and support another charity and will continue to do so as and when it’s needed. There are already plans underway to utilise other areas of Hospice for Family First to use with their clients.

Mike Palfreman, Chief Executive of Jersey Hospice Care said: “It’s always great when we can work with another charity to help provide better care and support to our community. When it works out that both Hospice and the charity – like Family First – both benefit, that’s even better! It just shows how charities working together can make a difference to the lives of many islanders.”

Family First and Jersey Hospice Care are putting on an afternoon tea event from 13:00 – 15:00 on the 20 June to celebrate working together and to say thank you for the continuing support, which the media are welcome to attend.