Will you ‘Sock it to Lymphoedema’ for Jersey Hospice Care?

As part of a national awareness week, we are asking islanders to wear odd socks or gloves to show their support for a little known condition.

Run by the British Lymphology Society (www.thebls.com), Lymphoedema Awareness Week runs from 4 – 10 March. This annual event seeks to raise awareness of Lymphoedema and the treatment options available.

Lymphoedema means a build-up of lymph fluid that causes swelling in a part of the body. It can develop if there are problems with the lymphatic system. Lymphoedema can affect any part of the body, but most commonly affects a limb. Although not curable, there are many interventions that will help to control the swelling.

Our Lymphoedema Service provides treatment and management for all patients experiencing cancer-related Lymphoedema. Our Lymphoedema Therapist tailors treatment to suit the patient’s needs, with emphasis on holistic assessment, self-management, education and risk reduction.

Gail Caddell, Director of Palliative Care at Jersey Hospice Care said, ‘Lymphoedema can impact a person’s body image, self-esteem and cause not only physical, but emotional distress as well. With the correct support and advice, there are things you can do to improve and treat the condition.

As well as daily updates on our social media pages, we are inviting islanders to join us on Friday 9 March and share photos of them wearing odd socks, either on our Facebook page (search Jersey Hospice Care) or by emailing fundraising@jerseyhospicecare.com. Whilst this is more of an awareness campaign, donations can be made via our website.