About the event

Tour de Jersey is back for 2020!

Sponsored by Ravenscroft, this is a fantastic opportunity to explore Jersey by bike while also raising funds for Hospice and all those who need our specialist care.

This year, while restrictions are still in place due to COVID-19, we are running Tour de Jersey as a virtual event throughout the month of August giving your more time to complete one or more of the stages or, if you’re up for it, the whole route in one go. Our route has been designed by Cog and Sprocket owner Ian Williams and has been designed for riders of all abilities.

The route has 9 stages, as well as the full route, which can be completed either as stand-alone routes or as a whole course during the month (or a single day for the more ambitious cyclists!). It’s a great challenge for riders of all abilities this summer.

As well as the amazing sense of achievement you will have after completing the course, our sponsors Ravenscroft are also providing two fantastic prizes for the best Tour de Jersey photo of you and / or your group, posted on social media tagging Ravenscroft and Jersey Hospice Care with the hashtag #TourdeJersey2020.

All Tour de Jersey participants are encouraged to follow the Government’s guidance at all times for the duration of the Challenge.

About the Sponsor

Ravenscroft is an independently owned investment services group which has £7.45bn of assets under administration for both private clients and institutional clients from around the world.
Our services include execution only trading, advisory investment services, discretionary investment management, market making, corporate finance services, cash management and the dealing in and storage of gold, silver, platinum and palladium via BullionRock. We tailor portfolios depending on our clients’ aims, objectives, knowledge and experience. We pride ourselves on getting to know our clients and forging genuine relationships with them so we are able to create value for them in the long term. Our reputation is built on exceptional customer service, integrity and accountability.
We are firm believers that investment opportunities should be accessible for anybody who wishes to pursue them which is why our fund range is available for investors with a minimum initial investment of £5,000. This enables clients to benefit from the pooling of assets and provides them access to a level of diversification that they might not be able to achieve.
In the world of advisory broking, clients want to put their wealth to work in financial markets and would like to be involved in the management of their investments and the decision making process, but are also looking for guidance and advice. This is where we come in; we build lasting relationships and support our clients to achieve their long-term financial goals.
Ravenscroft employs more than 110 people across the group. We have offices in Guernsey and Jersey and a presence in the UK following the 2015 acquisition of a 75% stake in Peterborough-based A Vartan Limited, which was rebranded Vartan Ravenscroft, and the 2020 acquisition of the Tees’ investment management portfolio, now known as Tees Investment Management Limited. In July 2020, Ravenscroft announced plans to acquire WH Ireland (IOM) Limited, the first time we will have an office in the Isle of Man.
Ravenscroft is a significant supporter of the communities within which it operates. As our presence in Jersey has grown so has our support of sport, charities and community events and we are proud to be the main sponsor of the Lions Swimarathon, JS Juniors, Jersey Hospice’s Tour of Jersey, True Grit WetWheels Challenge and the Jersey Marathon Relay Race. We are also supporters of Super League Triathlon and The Weekender.

Please make sure that your bike is in a good standard before starting the cycle challenge, we also recommend all cyclists wear appropriate clothing including reflective clothing. We also ask all cyclists to wear a helmet while completing the ride.

If you would like your bike checked or to get approriate equipment for the challenge, the team at Cog and Sprocket in Queen Street are happy to help.

Terms and Conditions

Through their registration to the Event all participants acknowledge and agree that:

  • They are entering at their own risk. Cycles are not led nor are they supervised.
  • They are solely responsible for making their own assessment as to the risks involved in any particular cycle Jersey Hospice Care and the organisers accept no responsibility and will not be liable whatsoever for any loss, damage, injury, death, or other liability which may arise.
  • They are medically and physically fit enough to participate and if they are in doubt or have a medical condition they will consult their doctor prior to taking part.
  • They would not cycle whilst under the influence of alcohol or any medication which may cause drowsiness.

All participants must:

  • Note that the Event is unsupervised and therefore each participant is responsible for their own safety.
  • Be aware of other road users and show due respect and caution.
  • Be at least 6 years of age (and if under the age of 18 years seek the consent of a parent or legal guardian to their participation in the Event) Cycle with an adult participant if they are under the age of 16 years.
  • Ensure that their bike is roadworthy and has appropriate lighting should they be riding in low light conditions.
  • Wear appropriate cyclewear including helmet.
  • Adhere to the highway code and the rules of the road while cycling on any road, byway or green lane.
  • Follow the Governements guidelines regarding COVID 19.

We strongly recommend that participants:

  • Cycle with at least one other participant and do not undertake any of the cycles on their own.
  • Wear a brightly coloured cycle wear so thatother road users can see them.
  • Ensure they are adequately protected from the sun with a sunscreen.
  • Have appropriate refreshments for during and/or after each cycle
  • Always ensure that loved ones know where and when they intend to cycle.

Social Media Competition

This year, with thanks to our sponsors Ravenscroft, we have developed a competition to run in conjunction with Tour de Jersey for the chance to win either a £100 voucher or a £50 voucher for Jersey potteries.

We are looking for the best photo of your Tour de Jersey. It could be a group of you undertaking the challenge, an action shot or a celebratory photo at the finish line.

To enter, simply take a photo and upload it to either Facebook or Instagram and tag in Jersey Hospice Care, Ravenscroft and use the hashtag #TourdeJersey2020.

Social Media Tags

Jersey Hospice Care: @JerseyHospiceCare
Ravenscroft: @RavenscroftGroup

Jersey Hospice Care: @JerseyHospiceCare
Ravenscroft: @RavenscroftGroup

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