Every step counts challenge

Every step counts challenge

Date of Event: 1 - 31 Jan 2023

Our challenge is back for 2023!

This year you can choose an option out of cycling, running, swimming or walking .. or if you are feeling brave, one of each! Be a Hospice Hero and take on our Every Step Counts challenge to ensure we can continue to make every moment count for the families we support.

Electric and Static bikes are allowed as well as a treadmill. However you do it, every pedal, step, stride or stroke counts towards your final distance.

Taking part will not only be supporting your local hospice, but will also support both your physical and mental health.

How does it work?

We ask each challenger to cover the distance of one or more of the above challenges throughout the month of January. After you’ve completed your challenge you will submit proof of the distance covered and all successful challengers will receive a Hospice Hero pin badge and certificate.

It’s a long way. Do I have to do it all at once?

Not at all! We recommend spreading out your challenge and doing a set number each day, across a number of days or weeks. You have until 31st January to complete your challenge. You can also complete the challenge as an individual, as a family/household or with work colleagues with each person’s covered distance counting towards your final goal.

How do I keep track of my steps?

You can use your preferred iPhone or Android app, a website such as Strava or use a wearable fitness tracker, then download the Every step counts tracker to have on your fridge, your notice board or in your diary to help you keep track.

Good luck, have fun, increase the amount of activity you do a day, help your mental health all whilst supporting Jersey Hospice Care!


  • 40 miles – As it is Jersey Hospice Care’s 40th Anniversary, why not cycle a mile for every year of our service.
  • 100 miles – Complete your own RideLondon route, your way. Whether you do 10 miles a day or the full 100, the choice is yours.
  • 308 miles – No need to hop on a ferry for this one. Take on the equivalent of cycling from London to Paris without even leaving the Island!
  • 874 miles – The legendary distance of Land’s End to John O’Groats…but in your own time!

Climb / Walk

  • Mount Snowdon – 7,120 steps / 42 flights
  • Mont Blanc – 30,420 steps / 2,028 flights
  • 10,000 steps – Challenge yourself to walk 10,000 steps a day for a month. It sounds easy but it’s harder than you think. Get out and about in the fresh air and walk around your local park at lunch, and make sure you use the stairs instead of the lift – just get that step counter charged up and start walking!


  • 40 – 500 miles – The choice really is yours! You could run a mile for every year of Jersey Hospice Care (40), the equivalent of a half marathon (13.1), a full marathon (26.2) or the length of Britain (556).


  • Swim Serpentine, the 2 mile event is the equivalent of swimming 128 lengths of a 25m pool
  • Swim the Channel, 21 miles which is the equivalent of 1,280 lengths of a 25 m pool
  • Swim around Jersey, 41miles which is the equivalent of 2,636 lengths of a 25m pool