Julie Coward

Chairman of Jersey Hospice Care

When did you join Jersey Hospice Care as a trustee?
I’ve been a Trustee for three years and Chairman for a year.

How do you make a difference at Jersey Hospice Care?
I Chair the Council of Trustees, whose responsibility it is to set the strategy for Jersey Hospice Care, protecting the services we offer today, whilst looking ahead and safeguarding the future.

Where do you work (or used to work)?
I retired from the financial services industry almost two years ago. My professional interests are now focused on helping small businesses by investing and mentoring. I sometimes sit on Dragons’ Den style panels, but I promise I’m not too unkind to the applicants!

What are your plans / do you hope to achieve in the next six months?
The next six months will be focused on helping the Executive team implement the 2019 Strategic Plan. In particular, we’ll be working with  the Government to ensure they fully understand the need for and costs of palliative care both now and in the future and we’ll be continuing with the Children and Young People’s Hospice services, which will further expand our services.

What do you enjoy most about working with Jersey Hospice Care?
I feel privileged to be working with the Hospice team. I’m continually impressed by the passionate, professional, determined individuals who work throughout the organisation and that includes the 400+ volunteers as well as the dedicated staff.

What you enjoy doing in your free time?
My plans for a quiet retirement, enjoying time to relax and take up hobbies, hasn’t quite panned out, as my Hospice work takes up a considerable amount of time. I’m certainly not complaining though, as the Trustees and the Executive are all fully supportive and help with the workload.

I do have much more time than I used to when I was working and have learnt to kayak, with the intention of exploring some of Jersey’s beautiful coastline this summer. I’m also trying to learn Spanish and grow roses!

How would your friends describe you in three words?

Committed, considerate, fun