Gold Standards Framework

The Gold Standards Framework (GSF) is all about improving the quality and coordination of care

Gold Standards Framework is about giving the right person the right care, in the right place, at the right time, every time.

‘Although we are talking about end of life, it is our life and we want to live it, right up until the end.’

The aims of GSF are to improve the:

  • quality of care for all people nearing the end of life, in line with their preferences
  • coordination and collaboration within and between teams
  • outcomes that matter to people, particularly reducing unwanted crises and hospitalisation, enabling more to live well and die well in the place and manner of their choosing.

GSF programme achieves these aims by providing:

  • training and service improvement with programmes tailored to many specific settings
  • tools and resources, including Prognostic Indicator Guidance, advance care planning etc
  • measures with intrinsic evaluations showing both progress and attainment of standards
  • support including coaching, to help embed new ways of working.

GSF has been shown to improve:

  • the quality of care experienced by people, and the confidence and competence of staff
  • integrated cross-boundary care coordination, team-working and communication
  • enabling more care in line with peoples’ preferences, to enable more to live well and die well where they choose and to reduce crises, admissions and hospital deaths.

More information on the Gold Standards Framework can be found on their website.