Gold Standards Framework

Jersey Hospice Care has introduced the Gold Standards Framework, ensuring the right care, for the right person, in the right place, at the right time, every time

What is the Gold Standards Framework (GSF)?

  • GSF is a best practice model in end of life care

What does this mean?

  • It is a common sense approach to improving quality of care for all in their last year of life
  • It encourages living well but planning for the last days
  • It helps to attain the highest standard of end of life care
  • It provides the opportunity for the person, alongside the health professionals, to develop an individual plan of care for the future making sure your preferences are known

How will it benefit me?

  • Co-ordinated and organised care
  • Excellent team working to support your care
  • Information and support for you, your family and carers
  • Clear communication with you, your family, carers and other professionals
  • Your wishes are acknowledged and respected
  • GSF supports people to die where they choose
  • More attention to your non-medical and spiritual needs
  • Empower patients in their care

Why use GSF?

  • GSF can reduce levels of fear and uncertainty and results in fewer crises and unnecessary hospital admissions
  • There is only one chance to get it right at end of life

Who is GSF for?

  • GSF is for anybody identified as being in their last year of life
  • GSF is for anybody with a life limiting condition

Where is GSF being implemented?

  • In residential and nursing homes, Jersey Hospice Care, Jersey General Hospital, GP practices and approved home care provider organisations

How is the programme being implemented in Jersey?

  • GSF was launched in April 2015 in Jersey by Jersey Hospice Care
  • There is a three year implementation programme across all health care settings
  • The Nurse Champion is supporting the programme in the community
  • The End of Life Care Hospital Facilitator is supporting the programme in the hospital
  • Each organisation implementing the programme has nominated coordinators to introduce the initiative in their organisation
  • The coordinators receive resources including access to the professional learning zone on the GSF website
  • The coordinators attend regular workshops and support meetings

Who is supporting the GSF programme?

  • Macmillan, Jersey Hospice Care, GPs, Family Nursing & Home Care and Health and Social Services Department, including all staff in Jersey General Hospital

 How do I get more information about GSF?