Press release: 2021 Million Pound Lottery this Friday will change someone’s life forever

Jersey Hospice Care’s Million Pound Lottery live draw is taking place this Friday 3rd September at the Royal Yacht Hotel, where one lucky islander will win one million pounds. The draw will be a closed event, live streamed on ITV Channel News and on their Facebook page ( from 6pm.

The Million Pound Lottery is Hospice’s single biggest annual fundraising event and raises £800,000 a year for the charity. These vital funds enable Hospice to continue to provide all of its services, free of charge, to everyone living with dying. It costs £19,600 a day 365 days a year to provide the care at Hospice and in the community, and this is all made possible through the generosity of Islanders. The Lottery is also a way for Hospice to give back to the community which supports them so faithfully every year, with a total of £1.3m given back in ten prizes.

The prizes:

1st prize: £1,000,000

2nd prize: £100,000

3rd prize: £75,000

4th prize: £50,000

5th prize: £25,000

6th prize: £10,000

7th prize: £10,000

8th prize: £10,000

9th prize: £10,000

10th prize: £10,000

Four members of the community who have supported Hospice and islanders throughout the pandemic have been invited to be ball drawers for this year’s live draw. They are: Gary Burgess who won the community ball drawer competition for his inspiring media work that has been appreciated by so many during the pandemic and throughout his career; Tracey Fallon, a Clinical Nurse Specialist at Hospice, who is based at the General Hospital supporting staff to deliver palliative care, holistic patient assessments, symptom management and offers emotional support to patients and their families; Willy Nieuwburg who organises an annual walk in memory of his son Marc and has raised over £29,500 for Hospice; and Corinna Steer, a volunteer ambassador for Hospice who has supported the charity for six years in volunteering roles including at the fundraising shops, selling Million Pound Lottery tickets, at Day Hospice and more, all while volunteering for many other local events too.

Jersey Hospice Care, Event and Lotteries Officer, Scott Douglas said: “We are really looking forward to the live draw this Friday and inviting our four fantastic ball drawers to be a part of changing someone’s life forever. A huge thank you, as always, goes out to everyone who has bought a ticket and all our volunteers who have made the Million Pound Lottery possible.”