What our patients and their families say

These quotes are taken from 'Thank You' cards, emails and letters from our patients and their relatives

Bob’s story

Bob’s father was cared for in our In Patient Unit.

‘My Dad loved his old motorbike, but never thought he would see it running again. After speaking to Dad’s nurse Emily, I secretly arranged to bring it up for him to see it again. I was even allowed to park it outside Dad’s room. The look on his face when we pulled back the curtains to reveal what I had done was one I will always remember.

‘He passed away two days later, so I was so pleased I managed it. It was a special moment I will never forget. Everyone on duty that day was just fantastic. For me, this really sums up what everyone at Hospice is about; going that extra mile to make a difference to their patients and families.’

James’ story

‘Nothing was too much trouble for any of your team and we all felt well informed, involved and genuinely cared for, as did my Mum of course.

It was the smallest of touches which made the most difference.

‘The fact that my mum’s bed would be turned so that she could look out the window on a bright day; that my twin girls were able to help dress the Christmas tree in the In Patient lounge with their Grandma watching on; that we could eat fish and chips together at the dining table with her; that one of your team bought her a small bottle of lemon sauce when they were at the supermarket as a gift because it’s what my Mum loved (on everything!); that she could see your Christmas tree in the gardens and hear the Christmas Carols being sung; that everybody knew our names… the list goes on and on…’

Jean’s story

‘With the help of all the staff in Day Hospice and continued meetings with Mary, I have rediscovered the “me” that I thought I had lost forever. My body no longer controls me; I am in charge of me. I make my own informed choices now, however big or small, I’m not scared and I love living.’

Richard’s story

‘It’s not easy to pinpoint why I enjoy going to the gym, but I wake up every Thursday morning with something to look forward to, seeing our physios, other “gymnasts” and, perhaps most importantly, feeling that I have done something constructive towards keeping fitter and active.’

Michael’s story

‘Although I had great support from family and friends, it was incredibly valuable having the support of the Community Bereavement Service. They were professional at all times and I could be open about my feelings and thoughts, as I didn’t even have to question their confidentiality. It is a truly wonderful service and, even after a year attending monthly sessions, there was never any pressure to finish.’

Anne and William’s story

‘I couldn’t believe the change in Kenny, after he was first referred to Hospice; he was like a different person. Kenny was happy at Hospice – he felt comfortable and really safe and cared for. The care was amazing during his journey, both at Hospice and at home.

‘Kenny passed away on 18 September, in my arms. That was only possible because of Hospice. Our son William also got to see his dad before he passed away, which was so important to me.

‘The bereavement counselling is amazing. For me it’s like a release. Mary is there for me as long as I need. I feel that my sessions give me strength and I look forward to them.’

A visiting UK healthcare professional

‘I have never been anywhere where you can feel it as soon as you walk in here. The culture is amazing, I don’t know what it is you are doing but whatever it is that you are doing, you have got it right.’