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Specialist Palliative Care team

The majority of patients under the care of Jersey Hospice Care are cared for in the community.

Many people prefer to be supported in their own home and the Clinical Nurse Specialists and Specialist Palliative Care Nurses will work with you and your family to enable this to happen wherever possible.

Where can I be seen?

You can be visited by our team of specialist nurses in whichever care setting you are presently in. This may be in your own home, a nursing or a residential care home or in hospital. Alternatively, you may prefer to see the specialist nurse in the Out Patient clinic at Hospice.

How do the Specialist Palliative Care Nurses become involved with my care?

A referral can be made from any source, but patient consent and agreement from your GP is required before visiting. Once you have agreed to the referral, we will arrange a suitable day and time to visit you, which can be on your own or with your relative/carer present, if this is your preference.
If you are in hospital, agreement from your GP to see the Specialist Palliative Care nurse or doctor is not necessary until you return to your home environment.

What will the Specialist Palliative Care Nurse do to help?

The Specialist Palliative Care Nurses have extensive knowledge and skills in caring for people with life limiting illnesses. Their role is to provide advice and support with any physical, psychological, spiritual or social issues, supporting you and your family. Our aim is to enable people to have the best quality of life.

We will do this by:

  • Listening to your concerns about your illness and those of your family/carer providing information about your illness and treatment
  • Assessing any symptoms that are troublesome and making suggestions of how these can be improved giving you the opportunity to discuss your care, what is important to you and what your wishes are about your future care
  • Liaising with other health care professionals and teams involved in your care, be that in the community or hospital, as our involvement aims to compliment care provided by others

How long will the Specialist Palliative Nurses be involved in my care?

This will depend on your needs. We may be involved for a short time, making several visits to address your concerns and symptoms. We will aim to support your end of life care in the place of your choice.

How can you contact the team?

The Specialist Palliative Care Team currently provide a seven day service between the hours of 09:00 and 17:00 and can be contacted on 876555.
Should you need support or medical advice outside of these hours, you can contact Family Nursing and Home Care (FNHC) up until 22:00, if you are known to their service via the Hospital switchboard on 442000. Alternatively please call the GP out of hours service on 445445.

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