In Control Group

The In Control Group is an eight week workshop based programme for patients struggling with anxiety, breathlessness or fatigue.

The course provides support, practical advice and education for patients. It is specifically aimed at people who are struggling to adjust to the changes and limitations imposed by their illness, where symptoms may affect their ability to engage in everyday activities and maintain social contacts.

How will the course help me?

The sessions are semi-structured and we encourage participation in order to gain the maximum benefit through sharing and learning from other patients going through the same thing as you.

Over the eight weeks, the physiotherapists will teach you techniques and strategies to practically, emotionally and mentally equip and enable you to cope with anxiety, fatigue and breathlessness.

You may bring along a carer, friend or family member as the course may help them understand what you are going through and they will learn how they can help you.

How can I be referred to the group?

Any patient with a life limiting condition in its palliative stage can access the In Control Group. A referral can be made from any source but patient consent and agreement from your GP is required. If you are not receiving support at present you can discuss attending with the Physiotherapy Department.

If you are an existing patient at Jersey Hospice Care, then ask any member of Hospice staff for more information. 

What happens once I am referred?

Once we have had consent from your GP to attend, a Physiotherapist will contact you to arrange a suitable time and day for you to attend the Physiotherapy department for an initial assessment and discussion about the group. Following this you will be allocated to the next available In Control Group.

What happens at the In Control Group?

The sessions run over eight weeks and are one and a half hours long. The sessions are run by the Physiotherapy Department with input from other healthcare professionals and complementary therapists.

The group is very informal with a short education session, followed by time to discuss the topics within the group, with an opportunity to learn from and share your concerns with other patients.

The content of the programme is as follows:

Week Session and Focus
1 Understanding breathlessness – why do I get breathless?
2 Breathlessness management – practical techniques to help
3 ‘Getting on with it or getting around it’ – fatigue management
4 Keeping physically and mentally active – why bother?
5 Complementary Therapy and getting a good night’s sleep
6 Making the most of every day – anxiety and fatigue management
7 How to manage my symptoms medically
8 My support network and moving forward

Where is the In Control Group held?

The Physiotherapy gym at Jersey Hospice Care

What happens after the group?

Following completion of the programme, you will have an individual session with the Physiotherapist who will work with you to identify any further hospice input required or onward referral to any relevant community groups.

What our patients say

What’s the most helpful thing from the course?

‘Learning about breathing control and how not to panic.’
‘I have really enjoyed learning all the different aspects of my and other illnesses and getting to know everyone.’
‘Being in a group who were willing to talk and share openly. Laugh and cry!’
‘I wish someone had taught me this years ago!’

Has the course improved your Quality of Life?

100% of patients over two courses agreed
‘I feel less isolated’
‘I have really enjoyed learning all the different aspects of my and other illnesses and getting to know everyone.’
‘I have become more adept at understanding and coping with breathing problems and fatigue’
‘Excellent all round. I will definitely be recommending this course to others. Thank you, your manner and knowledge is fantastic and I can see that you will offer your patients all the support and confidence that they need.’ (Respiratory Nurse)

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