Palliative rehabilitation is an important part of Jersey Hospice Care, helping people remain as independent as possible and in control of their own lives despite their advancing illness.

Our Physiotherapists will work with you, identifying your goals and working towards them, no matter what stage of illness you are at. We offer a wide range of Physiotherapy services to ensure you have choice in how you wish to manage your condition.

What will the Physiotherapist do to help?

Our Physiotherapists’ role is to enable people to have the best quality of life. This is achieved through:

  • rehabilitation, to help you adapt to changes and remain as independent as possible
  • supporting you to maintain your independence
  • providing education and advice to you and your family
  • aiming to relieve symptoms such as pain, breathlessness, anxiety and fatigue

At your initial appointment, you will have the opportunity to discuss your condition, symptoms and any problems or anxieties. Our Physiotherapist will also undertake a physical assessment of your condition.

Together, we will make a plan based upon your goals, to help you continue to live as full a life as possible.

You may be given a personalised programme to continue at home, attend the gym or be referred into one of our groups. This will depend on what best suits your condition and needs.

Our group programes include:

  • In Control Programme : an eight week educational support group for patients suffering with fatigue, anxiety or breathlessness
  • Moving Forward : group gym sessions for those with individualised gym programmes
  • Circuits : individualised circuit-based programme

Where will I see the Physiotherapist?

Most people are seen in the Therapies department, based in the King Centre at Jersey Hospice Care. However, if you have been admitted to the In Patient Unit at Hospice, we can support you there.

If you are physically unable to leave your home, we may be able to visit you at home.

How long will the Physiotherapists be involved in my care?

This will depend on your needs. Your Physiotherapist will re-assess and support your needs. 

When you no longer have any issues that require our specialist skills, your Physiotherapist will discharge you, but you can be re-referred at a later date if needed. Our involvement compliments the roles of other healthcare professionals caring for you.

How does our Physiotherapist become involved with your care?

If you already receive support from Jersey Hospice Care, you can talk with the staff about support from a Physiotherapist.

If you are not receiving support at present, please discuss this with your GP or nurse who can make a referral on your behalf.

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