Holistic Aspects of Palliative Care Study Day

Multiple dates

Session 1 - 09.00 – 13.00

The first session of this interactive course considers the history and origins of Cicely Saunder’s concept of “Total Pain” and all the factors that affect pain. Through fictious patient-based scenarios together we consider the Social, Psychological, Physical and Spiritual components of pain. We consider the relevance of “Total pain “in our pain assessments and relate this to contemporary practice and up to date research. 

Session 2 - 13.30-16.30

The second session is an interactive workshop leading participants in the exploration of how sexuality and dignity might be perceived by individual patients admitted to health care settings and the role of health care workers in meeting identified needs. Activities will assist in raising awareness of the impact of altered body image on an individual and barriers to communication around sexuality, intimacy, and body image particularly at the end of life. 

Presented by:

Judy Le Marquand Gail Edwards, Karen Eloury


Sandwiches are available at Jersey Hospice Care at a subsidised rate and can be ordered on the day of the event at Reception.

An allergy guide will be available should you have any dietary requirements.