Executive Management Team

Emelita Robbins, Chief Executive Officer

Email Emelita Robbins
Tel 01534 786141

Gail Caddell, Director of Palliative Care Services and Deputy Chief Executive

Email Gail Caddell
Tel 01534 786140

Amy Taylor, Director of Finance

Email Amy Taylor
Tel 01534 786151

Yannick Fillieul , Director of Operations and Business Development

Email Yannick Fillieul
Tel 01534 786149

Senior Staff

Chris Carter, Properties and Facilities Manager

Email Chris Carter
Tel 01534 786106

Loraine Fulton, Volunteers Manager

Email Loraine Fulton
Tel 01534 786159

Kim Hancock, Ward Manager

Email Kim Hancock
Tel 01534 786130

Tim Harrison, Consultant in Palliative Medicine

Email Tim Harrison
Tel 01534 786194

Hilary Hopkins, Governance and Quality Lead

Email Hilary Hopkins
Tel 01534 786128

Dr Natalie Kemp, Clinical Lead for Children and Young People

Email Dr Natalie Kemp
Tel 01534 876555

John Leggett, Retail Manager

Email John Leggett
Tel 01534 786139

Dr Julie Luscombe, Head of Education and Learning

Email Dr Julie Luscombe
Tel 01534 786165

Juliet Le Breuilly, Lead Nurse for Children and Young People

Email Juliet Le Breuilly
Tel 01534 876555

Michelle Nelson, Deputy Director of Palliative Care Services

Email Michelle Nelson
Tel 01534 786122

Debbie Patrick, HR Manager

Email Debbie Patrick
Tel 01534 786150

Council of Trustees

Julie Coward, Chair

Email Julie Coward

Mark James, Honorary Treasurer

Email Mark James

Steven Hunt, Chairman of Fundraising Ltd

Email Steven Hunt

Ian Shepherd, Trustee

Email Ian Shepherd

Dr Calum McClymont, Trustee

Email Dr Calum McClymont

Stuart Catchpole, Trustee

Email Stuart Catchpole

Tim Crowley, Trustee

Email Tim Crowley

Adrian Gordon, Trustee

Email Adrian Gordon

Paul Hughes, Trustee

Email Paul Hughes

Colin Macleod, Trustee

Email Colin Macleod

Patrons and Vice Patrons

Sir Michael Birt, QC, Patron



Mrs S Baker, Vice Patron

Mrs J Brown, Vice Patron

Advocate J Clyde-Smith, Vice Patron

Mrs A Dangerfield MBE, Vice Patron

Ms N Dinshaw, Vice Patron

Mr D East, Vice Patron

Jurat Dr D Georgelin, Vice Patron

Dr J Millar, Vice Patron

Mr D C Norman, Vice Patron

Sir Michael Oppenheimer Bt, Vice Patron

Lady Oppenheimer, Vice Patron

Dr G Purcell-Jones MBE, Vice Patron

Mr I Richardson MBE, Vice Patron

Advocate M Thompson, Vice Patron

Mrs B Waites, Vice Patron

Mrs D Weber, Vice Patron

Mrs J Werrin BEM, Vice Patron