Life’s Short – join us in making moments that matter

As we expand our services to all ages, we are inviting islanders to join us in making moments that matter.

Life’s short, for all of us. Whether it’s time with the family or feeling sand between your toes, we all want to do what we love and make the most of every minute. For children and young people with life limiting conditions, the saying ‘Life’s Short’ has a poignant meaning; they simply do not have time to waste.

Children’s Hospice Week (21 – 27 May) is a national awareness week dedicated to recognising the care provided by Hospices to children and young people with life-limiting conditions and their families. The awareness campaign is organised by Together for Short Lives, the UK charity for children’s palliative care.

Dr Natalie Kemp, Paediatric Doctor at Jersey Hospice Care, explains why we are getting involved for the first time. ‘We started our journey to expand our care to include children and young people with life limiting conditions this year, leading with our emotional support service.

‘To date we have received 16 referrals for children and young people with life limiting conditions. We cannot change the diagnosis but we can help to make a difference, supporting young people to make moments that matter, alongside the support already offered by other organisations and charities on the island.

‘The theme of this year’s campaign, Life’s short, is something we all say. We say it when we want to do something fun, maybe something a bit silly or when we take a chance. But when it’s on behalf of children with life limiting conditions, it reminds us all to make the most of life.’

Hospices across the UK are asking their supporters, the general public and high profile figures to support the week, by sharing their Life’s Short moments that matter on social media. As part of the national campaign, we want islanders to answer these two questions : ‘what do you enjoy most in life and why’ and ‘what do you wish you could do more of and why’ and post their answers on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) during the week, using the hashtag #LifesShort and #CHWJersey.

Inspiration for the campaign

Alastair McAlpine is a Paediatric Doctor in South Africa. For an assignment, he asked some of his terminal paediatric patients what they enjoyed in life and what gave it meaning. He tweeted the most common replies on 1 February 2018, which generated an astounding response worldwide (@AlastairMcA30).

As a result, he deduced that these are the moments that mattered most :

Be Kind | Read More Books | Spend Time With Your Family | Crack Jokes | Go To The Beach | Tell That Special Person You Love Them

There’s something special about the tweets, because their content came from incredibly special children. Children who, along with their loved ones, can’t take their time here for granted. Children who are first and foremost children and remind us about what matters.