Jersey’s newest millionaire is made tonight through the Jersey Hospice Care Million Pound Lottery

The winning numbers from this year’s Jersey Hospice Care Million Pound Lottery were announced this evening at a closed event at the Royal Yacht. Four members of the community who have been outstanding in their support for Hospice and islanders throughout the pandemic drew the winning numbers live on ITV Channel News. 

The winning numbers are:
1st prize: £1,000,000
Ticket number:  5342

2nd prize: £100,000
Ticket number: 4240

3rd prize: £75,000
Ticket number: 1488

4th prize: £50,000
Ticket number: 5898

5th prize: £25,000
Ticket number:  5018

6th prize: £10,000
Ticket number: 1741

7th prize: £10,000
Ticket number: 1072

8th prize: £10,000
Ticket number: 5434

9th prize: £10,000
Ticket number: 4857

10th prize: £10,000
Ticket number: 2417

Ahead of the live draw, viewers saw a short video of Georgie Phillips who shared her experience with Hospice when they supported her husband in his last days. In the interview Georgie was joined by Lorraine Dyer, a Clinical Nurse Specialist at Hospice who cared for Georgie’s husband in their home and supported Georgie through the process. Georgie now works at Hospice as a Complementary Therapist.

Hospice’s Chair of Trustees, Julie Coward said: “We are extremely grateful to Islanders for their continued support and enthusiasm for the Million Pound Lottery. It was a record-breaking year for ticket sales with all 7000 sold before the end of June, just six weeks after sales started, and we can’t thank everyone enough for taking part. Every ticket sold makes a difference to each person we care for. The £800,000 raised tonight will enable Hospice to continue to provide all of its services, free of charge, to everyone who needs us, irrespective of diagnosis or age” 

Jersey Hospice Care is very grateful to all its partners who have supported the 2021 Million Pound Lottery: Channel 103 and Peter McLintonCityPayDe Gruchy, ITV Channel News, Jersey Gambling Commission, the Royal Yacht HotelWebRealityand YOTI