I am bereaved

Death and bereavement can be painful and bring about many changes. The Community Bereavement Service is available for anyone in need of support whilst coming to terms with a loss, or the challenge of a diagnosis of a life-limiting illness

Community Bereavement Service

When someone dies, it can leave an empty space in our lives and it’s natural to experience strong feelings. You may feel sad or angry that they are no longer with you, guilty about what you may or may not have done or said. You may also feel anxious about how your life will change.

The Community Bereavement Service is there to help support you through these changes.

Emotional Support Service

There are changes that occur when you, or someone you know, are diagnosed with a life-limiting illness. Changes in relationships, role and identity can bring about different feelings and anxieties.

The Emotional Support Service is there to help explore and manage feelings around the impact of life-limiting illness.