Hospice goes Contactless

Jersey Hospice Care is embracing new technology and introducing contactless ‘Tap to Give’ donation boxes across the island to enable people to give their support in a way that suits them.

We rely on the local community for support through donations, events, fundraising shops, lotteries and legacies. It is only with this support that we can provide the quality and breadth of services we offer, free of charge. This new initiative, which has already celebrated significant success across a range of charities in the UK, will make it quicker and easier for people to donate while they are out and about.

We will be launching this week, with the first donation boxes initially trialled in the Channel Islands Co-operative Society, followed later this month at our partners Café JAC, Bean Around the World, Pizza Hut and La Mare Vineyards. With over 120 partners currently supporting us with cash collection tins on their tills, we hope that further partners will come on board to support the cash-free initiative and help care for the community.

Passers-by will also be able to Tap to Give as they go past our Town Fundraising Shop in Union Street. A bright window display will feature the new device, which you can tap as you go by to donate a fixed amount.

Emelita Robbins, Jersey Hospice Care’s Chief Executive, explains. ‘I’m excited by the thought that, through our increased use of technology, we might increase the funds we raise and so increase the care we can provide to the growing number of people with palliative care needs. Many people have said they would like to donate but don’t carry cash, so it’s great to offer a cashless giving alternative and make supporting us as simple as possible.’

Mark Cox, Chief Operating Officer at Channel Islands Co-operative Society, is trialling the new devices in both Grande Marché stores. He said, We have supported local charities with cash collection buckets at our checkouts across the Society for many years and will continue to do so. We know that over time the number of customers paying by cash has dropped considerably, which will have reduced the level of donations customers have been able to make to charity. For this reason, we are delighted to be able to support Jersey Hospice Care with trialling Tap to Give, a modern equivalent of a collection bucket, in our Grand Marché stores.

A recent survey by Barclaycard concluded that, in an increasingly cashless society, many prefer to pay for items by contactless or chip and pin. One in seven admits to walking away from a donation opportunity at least once last year because they were unable to give using a debit or credit card. This comes amidst predictions that cash will shift from accounting for roughly half (45%) of all payments made in 2015 to just one in four (27%) by 2025 – with debit card payments overtaking notes and coins by 2021.

Tony Moretta from Digital Jersey agrees, ‘We all use cash less and less in our lives to the point where many – including young people and myself – often don’t carry it at all. There are many advantages to this, but it produces problems for organisations that traditionally only take cash, such as charities. They therefore need to innovate like all businesses and make sure they can keep up with their target audience and make it easy for them to continue to support them.’

The contactless units comprise a small card reader sat on a free-standing box, which can sit on a counter top, be mounted on a wall or in a window, or be supplied with a floor stand. The funds collected from each tap go directly to Jersey Hospice Care. They will be pre-programmed with designated amounts, but if a donor wishes to give more they can press a button on the front to increase the donation by set amounts, up to £30.00.

The units connect via GPRS, so they can simply be plugged in and are ready to go and can also be used to collect much needed donations at the many community and fundraising events held to support the Hospice’s work throughout the year.

The units are supplied by Charge Point, a Jersey company with a passion for helping everyone embrace the potential of new technology.