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Do your own thing

Thank you for your interest in organising a fundraising event for Jersey Hospice Care

Getting started

Everything starts with an idea

… and your ideas are what we need! There are obviously hundreds of tried and tested ways to raise money for charity. To give you some inspiration, there is an A to Z of ideas in our Fundraising Pack, which you can download from the top of this page.

Once you know roughly what you want to do, run it by friends, colleagues etc as they will be able to add their thoughts, ideas and experiences. What will you need to make it a success? If you need help with this, contact the Fundraising team, who can put you in touch with previous challengers and fundraisers.

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Alternative Guide to Fundraising

Social distancing doesn’t have to stop you fundraising! From virtual runs to Fancy Dress Friday , it’s time to get creative!

To download our Alternative Guide to Fundraising please click here.

The team around you

When organising a fundraising event, it is very difficult to do everything yourself. Pull in as many people as you can and get enough people involved in the early stages of planning. Remember to thank people after the event, telling people how much you’ve raised. People will be much more likely to help again if they feel appreciated.

As soon as you have an event in mind, please check the date with Marina Brockbank, our Community Events co-ordinator. This way, you can make sure you get the most out of your event by avoiding clashes with other events.

Spread the word

The more people you tell the better – family, friends, colleagues and business contacts. Social media is a great place to start. Let the Fundraising Team know and we can mention on our Facebook page. You can put up posters and flyers at the Jersey Hospice Care fundraising shops, at the gym, at schools, at the library, in shop windows and at other events that precede your own (remember to get permission first!).

Work notice boards, coffee machines, water coolers, kitchens and staff rooms are all great places for asking for help, as well as informing people about events. By asking people to help spread the word, you’ll get a greater response. Remember, people are interested in who, what, where, when and why – so grab their attention.

Please speak to our Marketing and Communications officer at Jersey Hospice Care before approaching the media. We send communications every month to a wide audience of supporters, including most large businesses and financial institutions. We are also able to advertise free through the Association of Jersey Charities’ website and the relevant section in the Jersey Evening Post. So keep us posted of your fundraising plans and we will make sure we help to promote them.

Promotional material

We have railing and pop up banners, collection buckets, volunteer t-shirts, small collection tins and stickers that you are welcome to use for your event.

We can also provide you with leaflets explaining more about our services to hand out to people. And, we can give you a range of Jersey Hospice Care merchandise to sell.

Further information

For lots more tips and advice on organising a fundraising event, including dos and don’ts and an A – Z of ideas, why not download our Fundraising Guide.