Purposeful Partnerships

Join us in a Jersey Hospice Care Partnership with Purpose, offering you a wide range of bespoke benefits to any business that joins our Purposeful Partnerships Programme.

Our Partnerships with Purpose offer a variety of opportunities to suit your specific budget and can be tailored to suit your needs in return for a range of benefits. Our flexible packages offer you the chance to demonstrate your company’s values and commitment to your community with significant opportunity for brand exposure.

Partners are invited to select from one of the four levels of partnership with its reciprocal benefits which are designed to meet your CSR mission and objectives while having a tangible and demonstrable impact on the care which Jersey Hospice Care offers to every patient, their colleagues, friends and family members.  Package rates vary from £250 upwards depending on the level of benefits that suit your business’s needs.

By joining us and building a Partnership with Purpose we will help you to:

  • Make a real difference to local people
  • Motivate and engage staff by demonstrating your commitment to a charity which may have touched their lives personally
  • Meet Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and build a reputation
  • Reach new audiences and drive sales and loyalty among core customers
  • Benefit from increased opportunities for web, social media and local press coverage
  • Secure positive PR and association with a highly respected local charity
  • Be an attractive employer
  • Access high-quality and high-profile corporate events suitable for client hospitality

In addition, we are able to offer a wide range of bespoke benefits to those businesses who join our Purposeful Partnerships Programme. A couple of the benefits that you can choose from include:

  • Team Building Days- Invest in your teams by providing a memorable and impactful day away from the office in our gardens or shops where we will support employees to work towards a common goal for the benefit of others.
  • Social Media-Let us use our social media posts to celebrate your partnership and team building days.
  • Presentation to Employees- Let us share with your employees the impact that your partnership has on a daily basis at Hospice so that they can be proud to work for a business that invests not only in the local community but in an organisation that may have touched their lives.


 If you are interested in our Purposeful Partnerships and want to find out more about what we can do for your business, please contact our Director of Income Generation, Katrina Hancock by phone: 01534 786110 or by email: or our Community & Events Co-ordinator: