Planted with Love – remember a loved one

WHEN: 08 Oct, 2017 , WHERE: St Andrew's Church, First Tower

About the event

Join us to create a spectacular garden, Planted with Love, at Jersey Hospice Care

The beautiful gardens at Jersey Hospice Care are enjoyed all year round by our patients, visitors, volunteers and staff. The gardens provide a place for contemplation of life, loved ones and precious memories. Peaceful reflection, with the stunning views of St Aubin’s bay, counterbalances the stresses of life.

Following the inspirational display of poppies at the Tower of London, with your help we would like to create a temporary remembrance garden at Jersey Hospice Care during the summer, after which purchased ceramic flowers will be available for you to collect and keep as a permanent reminder of your loved one.

Yellow ceramic flower keepsake

You are invited to buy any number of Planted with Love flowers which have  been made by Johnson Tiles UK, who manufactured many of the poppies for the Tower of London remembrance display.

Each flower is beautifully glazed in yellow, measures 16cm in diameter and comes with a long stainless steel stem and rubber fixing so that it can be displayed indoors or outdoors. The colour yellow has long been associated with the hospice movement and symbolises love and happiness.

Remembrance Garden Display

Once you have purchased your ceramic flower(s), we will display them in our gardens from Battle of Flowers Day 10 August until 8 October 2017 for everyone to enjoy.

Miss Battle, Evie Bertram, and a volunteer from KPMG planting the ceramic flowers

Miss Battle, Evie Bertram, and a volunteer from KPMG planting the ceramic flowers

You can own a ceramic flower for a minimum donation of £30 each. You will be able to collect your flower after 10 October 2017 from Jersey Hospice Care to take home as a permanent remembrance of your loved one. Your support will help us to care for everyone with a life limiting illness or provide support for a member of their family.

When you purchase your flower(s) you will also be able to leave a dedication on our Planted with Love website page.

Jersey Hospice Care would like to thank Mr and Mrs Ian Le Vesconte for their support and enthusiasm for the Planted with Love to Remember a Loved One campaign.

The ‘Planted with Love’ remembrance garden will be open for viewing from Thursday 10 August until Sunday 8 October, when we will invite those that have purchased a flower to join us in our Remembered with Love Service at 16.00 at St Andrew’s Church, First Tower.

In the following days the ‘Planted with Love’ flowers will be available for collection, so that you can display your unique keepsake at home.

To order your ‘Planted with Love’ flower, follow the link on this page.

Each ‘Planted with Love’ flower is available for a minimum donation of £30. That support will help us to care for a loved one with a life limiting illness or a member of their family. You may record a dedication to accompany the ‘Planted with Love’ flower on our website.

What your donation means to the people we care for

£26 pays for a set of books to support one child through bereavement

£45 pays for one physiotherapy session, helping patients to remain independent and relieve symptoms

£75 pays for one patient to come along to Day Hospice for the day, to get the support and advice they need to help them live their lives to the full