Million Pound Lottery – Live Draw

WHEN: 07 Sep, 2018 , The entertainment and live draw starts from 17.00 WHERE: Royal Yacht Hotel

About the event

A million reasons to support Jersey Hospice Care

Someone could become a millionaire on Friday 7 September when the live draw is made for our Million Pound Lottery.

A total of £1,300,000 will be given away in prize money on Friday, with £1 million as the first prize, followed by prizes of £100,000, £75,000, £50,000, £25,000 and five prizes of £10,000 to lucky ticket holders.

You can be there to watch the balls being drawn. Doors open at 17.00 and the draw for the first prize of one million pounds will be made during the ITV Channel TV programme, which starts at 18.00. The draw for the other nine prizes will be drawn after 18.30.

The event, which is in its 12th year, is kindly supported by de Gruchy, NatWest, Alpha Print, the Royal Yacht Hotel and PKF BBA.

Entry to the live draw at the Royal Yacht Hotel is free to the public, who are invited to join in the excitement of the live draw.