Every Step Counts Challenge

WHEN: 31 Jan, 2021

COST: £10 registration fee. We encourage you to raise a minimum of £30 in sponsorship

About the event

Get Jersey moving this January and make “Every Step Count” for Jersey Hospice Care

We’re challenging you to ‘climb’ one of our four challenges from the comfort of your own home. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not even climb all 4!

You can cover the distance by going up the stairs, on and off a single step, or even by tracking steps around your garden or living room. However you do it, every step counts towards your journey to the summit.

Taking part will not only be supporting your local hospice, but will also support both your physical and mental health.

Sign up today:

  • The cost to run Jersey Hospice Care for one day (£20, 200 per day) – 20,200 steps or 1,346 flights of stairs (652 steps per day)
  • Mount Kilimanjaro – 38,680 steps or 2,578 flights of stairs (1,248 steps per day)
  • Mount Everest – 58,070 steps or 3,871 flights of stairs (1,874 steps per day)
  • If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, you could walk / climb the equivalent of the Jersey Island walk – 96,000 steps or 6,400 flights of stairs! (3,097 steps per day)

How does it work?

We ask each challenger to cover the distance of one or more of the above challenges throughout the month of January. After you’ve completed your challenge you will submit proof of your steps covered and all successful challengers will receive a medal and certificate.

How can I complete the distance at home?

You can ‘climb’ your mountain(s) by going up and down the stairs at home (down doesn’t count towards your steps though, sorry!), stepping on and off a static step, or by covering a set number of steps around your garden or home. Whatever works for you!

It’s a long way. Do I have to do it all at once?

Not at all! We recommend spreading out your challenge and doing a set number of steps each day across a number of days or weeks. You have until 31st January to complete your challenge.

You can also complete the challenge as an individual, as a family/household or with work colleagues with each person’s steps counting towards your final goal.

How do I keep track of my steps?

You can use your preferred iPhone or Android app, a website such as Strava or use a wearable fitness tracker, then download the Every step counts tracker here to have on your fridge, your notice board or in your diary to help you keep track.

Once you’ve signed up, please click here if you would like to join our Facebook Group for the event.

Good luck, have fun, increase the amount of activity you do a day, help your mental health all whilst supporting Jersey Hospice Care!

This event is kindly sponsored by Mitchell Building Contractors.

How do I fundraise?

We encourage you to raise a minimum of £30 in sponsorship We strongly suggest setting up a sponsorship page and sharing this online with friends and family. You can set up a sponsorship page here –