End of life accolade for Jersey Hospice Care

Two services at Jersey Hospice Care are leading the way in ensuring patients with a life limiting illness receive the best possible care in their last years and spend their final days in dignity and peace.

Staff working on our In Patient Unit and Day Hospice have been awarded the nationally recognised Gold Standards Framework (GSF) accreditation, recognising excellence in the care provided to patients with a life limiting illness – making them one of the first healthcare providers* in Jersey to earn the quality hallmark for excellence in end of life care.

The National Gold Standards Framework Centre is the UK’s largest provider of training in end of life care for health and social professionals. The training enables healthcare professionals to deliver the highest standard in coordinated care for people who may be in their last years of life. It ensures that everyone involved in their care will know about their needs and wishes and will be best prepared to ensure they are fulfilled.

Before they could qualify for the award, our staff had to achieve 20 quality standards and demonstrate real improvement in the quality of care provided. Having completed the GSF Hospice Training Programme during 2015/2016, we were assessed by a panel of independent experts, including Professor Keri Thomas, Founder & National Clinical Lead of the Gold Standards Framework. The panel found that not only did patients receive the care they wanted, where they wanted it, but also that relatives had peace of mind and staff an increased sense of job satisfaction.

Professor Thomas said, ‘Findings from the evaluation of the impact of GSF in Jersey are very encouraging suggesting that it has catalysed significant improvements in well-coordinated integrated end of life care across the whole island. The progress made in all areas, and particularly in the coordination whole island approach, has been impressive.’

Gail Caddell, Director of Palliative Care Services, is delighted that the teams’ hard work has paid off. She said, ‘There is no greater service we can provide than supporting people every step of the way along this difficult journey. Through dedicated, planned and coordinated care, we are ensuring more people are living and dying according to their wishes.’