Roots & Shoots

Embracing our past, transforming our future

We are delighted to announce an innovative education programme, which aims to deliver excellence in palliative care for every patient, irrespective of their care setting.

Called Roots & Shoots : Embracing our Past, Transforming our Future, this new education programme is based on Ambitions for Palliative and End of Life Care: A national framework for local action 2015-2020. It sets out our vision to improve end of life care through partnership and collaboration between organisations at local level.

This interactive education programme is run over six weeks and sets out six ‘ambitions’ – principles for how care for those nearing death should be delivered :

  1. Each person is seen as an individual
  2. Each person gets fair access to care
  3. Maximising comfort and well-being
  4. Care is coordinated
  5. All staff are prepared to care
  6. Each community is prepared to help

Gail Caddell, Director of Palliative Care at Jersey Hospice Care, said, ‘At Jersey Hospice Care we recognise that healthcare professionals only have one chance to get it right for patients and families approaching the end of life. As such, we are committed to maintaining excellence in end of life care and extending our expertise to the wider community to ensure they are equipped with the right knowledge, skills and competence to confidently deliver the care.’

Roots & Shoots will build on the education programme we have delivered for the past two years, for healthcare and therapy assistants, registered nurses and allied health care professionals. It will be open to healthcare and social care professionals with an interest in palliative care, including emergency services, prison officers, social workers, charities and care providers.

To sign up for the next cohort, visit the education section. The courses are cost just £120 and will be run in our Education Centre on Mont Cochon, led by our Specialist Palliative Care staff.