Hospice in numbers

Jersey Hospice Care is about making every day count. Here's how your donations make a difference.

£15 pays for a specially prepared meal for a patient

£30 pays for a physiotherapy session, for a patient, helping them to remain independent and relieve symptoms

£39 pays for one hour of support from a specialist children’s nurse for a baby, child or young person with a life limiting or life threatening condition

£130 pays for medical supplies in our In Patient Unit for one day

£160 pays for a course of emotional support for a family facing the loss of a child

£170 is the daily cost  to provide therapeutic support for children and their families

£225 is the average daily cost of employing a palliative care nurse

£500 is the weekly cost to run Tots & Toys, a playgroup for babies and young children with a life limiting condition

£1,070 is the cost of running our Day Hospice for one day

£4,200 is the daily cost to provide the Specialist Palliative Care nursing service to patients in the community

£9,000 is the cost of running our In Patient Unit each day

£18,600 is the daily cost of providing all our services