There are many misconceptions about children's hospices

Hospices are just places where people go to die

Children’s hospices offer a vast range of support, from the moment of diagnosis. Whilst end of life care is an important part of the service, children’s hospices provide support including short breaks, 1-1 counselling, music and play therapy, sibling support groups and craft activity sessions

Support from children’s palliative care services does not extend to the whole family

Children’s hospices support the entire family, often over many years and at any stage of a child or young person’s illness. They offer the opportunity for healthy brothers and sisters to take part in activities including craft activity sessions and sibling support groups

Children can only receive palliative care in a hospice or hospital

Children’s hospices support families in their local hospice buildings, but most also provide support in people’s homes and in their community

Children’s hospices are sad and depressing places to visit

People often have a picture of children’s hospices as dark and depressing places. Yet if you walked into any children’s hospice you would be left in no doubt that they are bright, colourful and vibrant, focused on life – however short that may be

They are a real home from home. Children, young people and families will tell you how much they love their hospice and the staff that work there