Hospice build on the holistic and spiritual care available to patients

Thursday 23 Jun 2022

Jersey Hospice Care is delighted to share the appointment of Emily Churchill as Spiritual Care Lead, as they continue to develop their approach of holistic care. 

Emily has extensive experience caring for patients as a Palliative Care Nurse at Jersey Hospice Care. In this new role she will build upon the holistic and spiritual care available to patients, their families and those closest to them. She will also be providing support to her colleagues, to help them in their roles.

Spiritual care is a core pillar of a holistic approach to providing the best possible hospice care to patients and encompasses many areas. Many patients with a life-limiting illness or who are receiving end of life care draw strength or comfort from their spirituality. As Spiritual Care Lead, Emily will support patients, their family and friends, as they take a closer look at their core beliefs and values at what can be a very difficult and unique time. This may be in the form of chaplaincy support for patients with faith traditions, or for those who do not identify with specific beliefs or a religion, it offers space to make sense of their lives, of the world and their relationships with other people.

Emily Churchill, Spiritual Care Lead at Jersey Hospice Care, said: “When we go through big changes, loss or hard times in life we often look to and draw upon these deep-rooted resources within ourselves to help us to make sense of the new circumstance. At Hospice, I am here to help our patients navigate these feelings and beliefs or tap into them for comfort and strength.”

Hilary Hopkins, Director of Palliative Care services at Jersey Hospice Care, said: “We are all delighted to be working with Emily to build upon this vital part of our holistic care services. We continue to ensure the best possible care is available for our patients and I can already see just how instrumental this new position is going to be for everyone for whom we care.”