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Whether you’re choosing to fundraise in memory of a loved one, or want to raise money for one of the Island’s most loved charities, we are so grateful for your fundraising efforts.

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5000 Club results September 2022

Tuesday 20 Sep 2022

1st Prize  £1000  Ticket no: 132

2nd Prize £750  Ticket no: 914

3rd Prize £500  Ticket no: 1437

4th Prize £250  Ticket no: 1503

5th Prize £100  Ticket no: 698

6th Prize £100  Ticket no: 3510

7th Prize £50  Ticket no: 4532

8th Prize £50  Ticket no: 2361

9th Prize £25  Ticket no: 162

10th Prize £25  Ticket no:1325

If you’ve won a prize, you will be notified directly.